1. Black Pearl Email Signatures

Consistent branding signatures across all platforms.  Improved marketing from everybody in your company – all the time on all email.  Automatic open rates and signature click stats available using both Microsoft Outlook and Gmail platforms.

*The average employee sends 7,200 emails every year. Let every one of these emails be a micro billboard driving traffic to your website.

2. Commonsku

Commonsku helps distributors streamline their workflow, inspire their team, impress their clients and grow their business with their cloud-based software. Are you on it? Visit us at https://social.commonsku.com/prg

3. Sage

Sage is the industry leader in the creation of websites that utilize the latest catalogues and flyers from industry suppliers.


The Promotional Product Industry’s Hub for Catalogs, Flyers and Online Marketing Tools.

5. PUNCH!media

Leslie Hughes is a LinkedIn Specialist, a Professor of Social Media and the Principal of PUNCH!media. Leslie has been called a “Social Media Guru” by CBC Radio and has also been a guest on CTV’s “The Social” talking about How to Manage your Digital Identity.

6. Marketing Edge Magazine

CANADA’S promotional products magazine.

7. Flagship
This is a shipping service like no other. Enter the size, weight and destination of your shipment and Flagship will show you the most economical options for getting your orders to your client. Once you select your option, they give you labels to print and even schedule your pickup.