September 26, 2022

250cc Mini Chopper for sale, Honda cloned engine and legal route in 49 states. A mini motorcycle fast enough to follow the flow of traffic, whether you are on city roads or on public roads. This 250cc motorcycle is designed to match the look of the OC helicopter without sacrificing performance. Beautiful new chrome exhaust included in this set, reliable cloned Honda engine that comes with a 2-year warranty. Welcome back to the redesigned 2022 Ghost Cruiser Chopper DF250RTB! This Harley cruiser looks the same with a 250cc 4-stroke engine based on® 5-speed Honda! this allows you to reach up to 90 Mph as maximum speed. NOTE: We offer residential AND gate delivery with ALL our products at no extra cost. Why buy a scooter that you have to drive for hours to pick it up or need 4 people to unload it from the van? Beware of online retailers who sell them at a cheaper price, claim “free” shipping, or simply hide shipping costs at checkout – make sure delivery of residential doors and elevator doors is included in the cost! It`s often $150 – $200 more! We have NO hidden costs! That`s why we are the #1 online motorsport dealer! Don`t break your back and buy your wallet online. We offer a complete door-to-door service! FREE – Expedited Shipping Service ($65 Value) FREE – 24-Hour Delivery Notification ($15 Value) FREE – Delivery to Place of Residence ($45 Value) FREE – Free Tailgate Service ($45 Value) FREE – MSO/MCO and SIGNED – Purchase Contract Documents ($45 Value) FREE – User Manual and Toolkit ($29 Value) FREE – One Year Engine Warranty ($199 Value) FREE – 24/7 Technical Support Excellent Beginner Bike to Learn Before to head to the much higher CC jump, comes with a notarized MCO (title) + purchase contract, so you can register the bike the same day you receive it! Equipped with the own replacement of Venom parts from 1 year + 1 year engine/transmission warranty with the possibility of extending up to 2 or 3 years!.