September 27, 2022

Find the accused who don`t want to be found with our jump search services available to lawyers. Our certified investigative teams tirelessly track your defendants using the latest predictive technologies. In this interview, we sit down with Amanda Owen, Director of Investigations at ABC Legal, to learn more about jump tracing and investigations, two services offered to qualified clients. She tells us about her work and the investigation team, a group of 11 licensed private investigators who work digitally and perform search and location services. We offer special point-to-point delivery and subscription itinerary services in the Seattle/Puget Sound area to ensure your legal documents are picked up and delivered with proof of delivery. Sometimes exams are more frequently affected. These are cases where, for example, documents have to be delivered to a household where several people share the name on the papers or when competing or confidential addresses are available. One of the most challenging aspects of process service delivery is finding people. Proper service requires that legal documents be delivered to the right person at the right address. Sometimes the wanted person is not where they are expected, or perhaps they are aiming to move away. The tactics used by authorized companies and licensed investigators to find such a person are commonly referred to as jump tracing.

Amanda: Our team will disseminate known information about the defendant in question (name, alias, addresses, date of birth, and other identifiers) through our specialized API system, which retrieves data from legal and private investigative resources, as well as credit and government databases. The system consolidates and evaluates the quality of data and sources to create a percentage of service probability for a known address. This gives us the probability that an address is good (and up-to-date) for a person, based on qualified indicators. We then move our process servers in the right direction to locate the defendant. The processing servers then do their best to run the service and confirm the addresses. For more difficult cases, there is a more human-centered process in which we can immerse ourselves – perform localized examinations. These cases still benefit from our technology, but often require more nuanced research. In these cases, an investigator searches other databases, social media, and search engines to determine location information. In addition, I like the potential of our site studies. Because much of the preliminary investigation is done quickly by our technology, we can spend more time analyzing and approaching things at the individual level. We offer this service at a higher speed and at a much better price than traditional survey services (and some digital services). With a nationwide network of business process servers, we serve more than 1 million legal documents worldwide each year.

It`s our bread and butter, and we do it well. ABC Legal is the country`s leading litigation and court registration service and the official trial server of the U.S. Department of Justice. Docketly is a subsidiary of ABC Legal and provides performance advice on a bespoke digital platform that integrates seamlessly with our applications and services. ABC Legal`s applications are cloud-based and compatible for use on computer, browser and smartphone. Our solutions and digital approach ensure that process server partners, law firm clients and their clients save valuable time and resources when it comes to serving legal advice securely and with maximum compliance, control and transparency. ABC Legal is headquartered in Seattle, WA, with more than 2,000 process servers in the U.S. and internationally in more than 75 countries.

To learn more about ABC Legal, our solutions and our docketly subsidiary, visit ABC Legal Services` investigation team offers a variety of solutions to ensure that legal documents are served by increased confirmation of location identification and accuracy – all strictly confidential and offered only to clients qualified to ensure security, compliance and accuracy for all parties involved. A differentiated combination of technology and human contact allows our team to achieve results quickly and efficiently. ABC`s legal team is constantly looking for ways to improve research methods, technologies and regulatory compliance. Learn more about all of our location and discovery services on ABC Legal reports all service documents and verifies them to and from the court, as well as in round trips to each front door. The ABC Mobile app captures photos and GPS evidence. Our process servers sign affidavits directly on their smartphones at the time of commissioning.

You will get business process servers, high-quality service credentials, and time to practice again as a lawyer. Amanda: We encourage our process servers to provide as many credentials as possible when trying to deliver a document. They write down details such as addresses on packages and cars on the spot, will try to talk to neighbors, or call a defendant (when allowed) to try to confirm residency. These observations, combined with time-stamped records of service attempts and our data, provide evidence that can prove that “every effort” was made in the service trials. In addition, we provide movement support with an alternative service in some states; Provide a comprehensive service from start to finish to the hardest-to-find defendants (or the most devious avoiders). Our team will prepare the necessary documentation so that abc Legal Services can receive other packages of services to submit to the court, which would be a tedious task for our clients. Includes a free proof of service or affidavit of non-service after completion The same great service, but starting with an investigation * Amanda: We have a few levels in our survey offerings. On the surface, there is self-trace. Our specialized API system provides fast results and a probability of service – a measure of the validity of an address. In many cases, this allows tracing to be skipped by compiling and consolidating data from multiple sources. Check to instantly update business information, respond to reviews, and more! In some states, this can be used to enable other forms of service such as viewing or sending documents. In states where this is a viable option, we may provide statements, affidavits or exhibits in support of requests for alternative services.

I like to think that customers who use this medium appreciate our availability to coordinate and validate the service. You don`t have to worry about filling out more paperwork to get a case through. Get a reliable and accurate location selection with our proprietary technology that searches for locations based on defendant address, claim amount, city, county, and zip code. Move your case forward with the national leader at the service of the process. Amanda Owen, Director of Investigations at ABC Legal Sure, we always carry paper documents to the last mile and ring people`s doorbells to deliver them, but you manage the whole process online. We have Deep-Skip, an important offer for Collections suitcases. We have a queue that forms as soon as the process service reaches the non-service state. These cases go through our API and are handled at the individual level by a private investigator who analyzes the data to make recommendations for the processing servers.