Brought To Canada By PromoExpo

What is SOAPBOX?

Soapbox is a your technology platform that brings distributors and suppliers together one on one. A platform where you have the ability to discuss your clients needs with suppliers from across Canada.

Free For Distributors

Are you a distributor looking for a better way to interact with suppliers? On the Soapbox you will have one-on-one virtual meetings once a month. These meetings will take place on the forth Thursday of every month and include having conversations about your book of business with 4 suppliers over a series of short meetings with breaks in between. It is an innovation that sounds simple, but one that you really need to experience to understand.

Have we peaked your interest? Register for a distributor demo using the link below:

Distributor DemoView Distributor Testimonials

Supplier Memberships

As a supplier, you will meet one on one with 12 distributors each month! The Soapbox platform facilitates a virtual meeting experience for you and your sales team unlike any other. 

Supplier DemoView Supplier Testimonials

Looking For A Contact?

Soapbox Canada™ is coordinated and run by Anis Somji of Promo Expo. 



Asked Questions

Soapbox Canada™ being a new platform, it is not unusual for people to have questions. Below we provide answer to some of the most commonly asked ones. 

How long has Soapbox been around?

The Soapbox platform has been active since 2020 and was the brainchild of Dan Pigott and Brett Schaffer.

Why the Canadian partnership?

Dan and Brett have run and coordinated over 10,000 successful virtual 1-on-1 meetings through Soapbox. Many supplier members of Soapbox are strong advocates for the platform and have show interest in meeting with Canadian distributors. Not being local to the market, we wanted to work a group of people who really understood the unique landscape that is the Canadian promotional productions industry.

What make us different? 

In life and in business, our human connections are essential. We rely on them, in fact, because they are vital to our collective success. And so we have developed this conversational platform with just that in mind.
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